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Workforce Overview

The City of Scottsdale is part of the Greater Phoenix area, a regional economy with a significant labor force available to meet business needs as well as higher educational and vocational training resources to develop the labor force of the future or train employees to have the skills needed to grow your company.

Scottsdale companies import a significant workforce from the Greater Phoenix area, and many Scottsdale residents who are employed work in locations around the valley. According to recent data of the Scottsdale workforce:

  • 24% of total employees working in Scottsdale live within City limits
  • 76% of those employed in Scottsdale live outside City limits
  • 39% of Scottsdale residents are employed within City limits
  • 61% of Scottsdale employed residents work outside of the City of Scottsdale

Workforce Training Resources

The Arizona Commerce Authority offers no-cost talent acquisition assistance to companies moving to or expanding in Arizona. In fact, Arizona is one of the few states to assist in the navigation of federal workforce programs as well as building strategic partnerships between your company and vital community organizations. Services provided at no charge include:

  • Immediate access to job-ready talent pools
  • Job postings on statewide job board
  • Custom recruiting services such as resume screening & social media promotion
  • Assistance in creating strategic partnerships
  • Direct hire recruitment strategy
  • Skill assessments and talent screenings
  • Assistance navigating state/federal labor laws
  • Federal training grants for new hires and incumbent employees
  • Transition and retention services
  • Job seekers also can benefit from no-cost services including skills assessment, career counseling, resume development, job placement and training, and more.

Ariona@Work partners with employers throughout Maricopa County to meet their workforce needs. With locally based services, they have the network to connect people and jobs. Services offered include customized recruitment services, employee development programs such as job-specific and on the job training, labor market insight and rapid responses services for companies anticipating downsizing or restructuring.

Talent and Labor Force Data Sets

Labor Force Demographic Data