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Scottsdale is a perfect place to grow your business. Whether a startup or an established company, we want to provide you the resources and environment to be successful. We encourage you to explore and see firsthand why business thrives in Scottsdale.

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Our team stands ready to assist you in all aspects of your process, including site selection, labor market research, project development, announcements and everything in between.

Talent Attraction

Scottsdale offers services, resources, connections and programs to help EMPLOYERS find great talent, and to help great TALENT connect with our amazing employers.

Through its various partners including Arizona State University, the Maricopa Community Colleges District, Maricopa Corporate College and Scottsdale Community College the Scottsdale team can assist with ensuring your new and potential employees are up to the task. This assistance includes helping companies access tailored training programs, in some cases in obtaining funding to defer the costs.


Job Board

Interested in living and working in Scottsdale? Search our list of active job recruitments at Scottsdale companies below:


Market Analysis

Source: ESRI, 2018; ESRI, 2019; R.S. Means Construction Index, 2018; Local real estate contacts, 2018; Tax Foundation, 2018; Various state revenue departments, 2018; Oregon Dept. of Consumer and Business Services, "Workers' Comp. Premium Rate Ranking", 2016; U.S. DOL, "Significant Provisions of State Unemployment Insurance Laws", July 2018.
Area Scottsdale New York San Francisco
Median Household Income $79,895 $57,810 $88,121
Medium Home Price $438,516 $578,299 $946,335
Industrial Lease Rate $13.08 $11.99 $54.44
Office Lease Rate $28.89 $74.69 $82.19
Property Tax Rate 2.24% 1.20% 1.18%

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Scottsdale Property Search Tool objectively identifies the optimal communities for businesses based on consistent, third-party data so companies can truly make apples to-apples comparisons for all locations in the United States. Communities can provide additional information and content in Economic Development Organization Profiles.

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Businesses can search for properties nationwide, and can even combine their property search criteria with desired community characteristics.

Community Rankings

Use the incredible range of data variables to search and share rankings of all kinds, both for analysis and marketing. Perhaps you'd like to show the most racially diverse cities in the U.S., the top cities in Michigan for manufacturing, or the LA neighborhoods with the most small businesses. Try out your own rankings.

Targeted Industries

technology icon

Scottsdale’s computer related workforce has increased 37 percent from 2012-2017 compared to an increase of 14 percent nationally and 23 percent in the Phoenix MSA.

Advanced Business Services icon
Advanced Business Services

The Scottsdale financial services workforce increased 24.9 percent from 2012-2017 compared to 9.5 percent nationally and 16 percent in the Phoenix MSA.

Hospitality and Tourism icon
Hospitality & Tourism

More than 9 million people visit Scottsdale annually

Healthcare icon
Healthcare & Bio-Life Science

Scottsdale healthcare and bioscience jobs increased 18 percent from 2012-2017 compared to 15.9 percent in the Phoenix MSA and 10.7 percent nationally

Cost of Living Calculator

Learn about the financial advantages of living and working in Scottsdale compared to other popular locations across the country. Simply type in a base salary amount (after taxes) and the location of that salary and see the amount you would need to make in Scottsdale for an equivalent quality of live. Data are also broken down by grocery, housing, utility, transportation and health care cost.