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2019 Q3 Scottsdale Commercial Trends CoverCommercial Occupancy Trends 2019-Q3
Interested in learning more about Scottsdale Commercial Real Estate trends. Every quarter Scottsdale economic development updates the latest vacancy report.
Cover for FY 2018-19 Annual ReportFY 2018/19 Annual Report
FY 2018/19 Annual Report - The following report highlights our efforts over the past fiscal year.
July 2019 Q2 Scottsdale Commercial TrendsCommercial Occupancy Trends 2019-Q2
Interested in learning more about Scottsdale Commercial Real Estate trends. Every quarter Scottsdale economic development updates the latest vacancy report.
Cover image of 2018-19 Q3 reportFY 201819 Q3 Report
Check out the latest in economic vitality for the City of Scottsdale. Included in the report is the number of new jobs attracted, economic impact, new company locates and featured stories from local businesses.
FY201819 Q2 Report Cover imageFY 201819 Q2 Report
Scottsdale economic development Q2 of FY 2018-19 is half way to end of year, and goals are on track for another successful year in Scottsdale. Vacancy rates for industrial, retail and office are low and more jobs keep coming to Scottsdale. Social media has seen a large uptick in engagement with numbers increasing 17% - 22%.
FY 201819 Q1 Report JPEG p1FY 201819 Q1 Report
Scottsdale economic development highlights in Q1 of FY 2018-19 included the ribbon-cutting ceremony of Israeli based Airobotics, the successful bid for 134-acres of state land from Nationwide Realty Investors and the announcement of a larger investment from Acronis at the 2018 Mayor and Council Breakfast, as well as the creation or retention of 465 jobs and a five year direct revenue impact to the City of $3,467,083.
Cure Corridor Brochure2018-19 Cure Corridor Brochure
The City of Scottsdale is proud to be home to a vast array of assets that contribute to the success of healthcare and bioscience activities in the region. From education and research, to medical devices, clinical trials and patient care delivery, it is happening right here in Scottsdale.
FY1718 Annual ReportFY 2017/18 Annual Report
FY 2017/18 Annual Report - Enhancing Employment Centers. The following report highlights our efforts over the past fiscal year. Of top priority was working to advance key employment centers within the City of Scottsdale, most notably Old Town Scottsdale as well as the area known as Crossroads East anchored at SR 101 and Hayden Road. Our economic development team works each day to promote the City of Scottsdale to businesses and talent as a top location of choice for living, recreating, and growing an exceptional career or even starting a small business. We hope this information is beneficial and are so thankful for the continued support and participation of all the wonderful Scottsdale businesses and residents.
2017 Lodging Report2017 Lodging Report
The primary purpose of The Scottsdale Tourism Study Lodging Report is to provide market information for the tourism, retail, and hospitality operations within the study area. The study looks specifically at trends in local transient occupancy tax (bed tax) collection, room inventory, average room rates, occupancy rates and other factors relating to lodging trends. The report provide information to elected officials, city management, the general public, and private-sector entities regarding the tourism and hospitality markets.
2018 Scottsdale Relocation Guide Cover2018 Scottsdale Relocation Guide
The City of Scottsdale is a premier community in Arizona with a distinguished history of economic vitality and prosperity. Scottsdale is a place where people from around the globe come to be a part of “the vibe.” People who locate in Scottsdale enjoy: • Higher quality of life with a lower cost of living in comparison to other major urban centers across the U.S. • Proximity and accessibility to major domestic and international markets via Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport and Scottsdale Municipal Airport. • Scottsdale is an environmentally conscious community with a long history of open space preservation and financially sustainable municipal operations and facilities.
FY1718 Q3 Report ThumbFY 201718 Q3 Report
Scottsdale economic development efforts in Q3 of FY 2017-18 included the launch of a new job board tool, several successful events and trade show activities, and the creation or retention of 191 jobs and a five year direct revenue impact to the City of $809,208.
Downtown Scottsdale Corridor BrochureDowntown Scottsdale Corridor Brochure
Downtown Scottsdale provides a mix of specialty retail, art galleries, dining, legendary nightlife, public art and cultural attractions. Downtown is more than a tourism destination, it’s also the city’s second largest employment center with innovative and thriving technology and healthcare companies such as Yelp, Weebly, ZocDoc, Digital Air Strike, Outbound Engine, Clearlink, Indeed and Sisense. Within downtown, there is a zoning overlay which allows increased density to encourage urban design elements which accommodate additional housing units in mixed-use developments to stimulate a sustainable live/work lifestyle.
McDowell Road Corridor BrochureMcDowell Road Corridor Brochure
The McDowell Road Corridor is located in southern Scottsdale which is the most densely populated residential area of the City. The area offers convenient access to surrounding communities, freeways, Sky Harbor International Airport, regional parks and shopping.
Scottsdale Cure CorridorScottsdale Cure Corridor
The Scottsdale Cure Corridor is healthcare and bio-life science industry corridor which runs east to west along Scottsdale’s Shea Boulevard and north to south along Scottsdale Road from the Scottsdale Airpark to SkySong, the ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center. Scottsdale is home to an array of business assets in the bio-life sciences sector from education and research, to clinical trials and patient care delivery.
Scottsdale Airpark BrochureScottsdale Airpark Corridor Brochure
The Scottsdale Airpark is one of the largest employment centers in the state of Arizona. Anchored by the Scottsdale Airport, the Scottsdale Airpark encompasses an 8.6 square mile area with over 2,900 businesses employing more than 51,000 people (current estimates based on data from EMSI and City of Scottsdale).
Arizona Employment - Compare Select Western Metros

201718 Q2 ReportFY 201718 Q2 Report
This quarter included notable events and celebrations for business and industry alike. On Dec. 8, Scottsdale economic development in partnership with the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce hosted a significant lineup of partners sharing their insights into the future of the Cure Corridor and bio-life science industry. The event featured keynote speaker Andrew Hessel, a futurist and catalyst in biological technologies. Andrew’s career has been focused on helping industry, academics, and authorities better understand the rapid changes happening in life science.
FY 201516 Annual ReportFY 201516 Annual Report
Through its economic development investments and programs, the City of Scottsdale retains, grows and attracts targeted sources of wealth generation to enhance the community’s tax base and quality of life, preserve the natural environment and foster prosperity for all citizens. Made possible by the City Council, City of Scottsdale leadership, and the local business and residential community the following are some of the key economic development.
business assistBusiness Assistance Service Guide
A SERVICE BASED APPROACH: RESOURCES AND PROGRAMS FOR EXISTING AND NEW BUSINESS: To creatively support the business community in Scottsdale, we offer a robust business retention and expansion program that includes a business outreach program, focused workforce and talent attraction tools, public relations and marketing support to help companies gain exposure, local incentive services, and facilitating connections to regional and state level tax incentive and grant programs.
2015 Strategic Plan2015 Economic Development Strategic Plan

Scottsdale Advantage Cover2018 Scottsdale Advantage Brochure
Before becoming a global destination for business, Scottsdale was - and remains - renowned for its exceptional recreational and entertainment amenities. Professionals from all walks of life have made Scottsdale their home as a result of the City’s commitment to long-range planning and providing a higher quality of life for its citizens.
Startup Ecosystem CoverFY 2016/17 Year in Review - Supporting the Startup Ecosystem
Scottsdale startup support - Supporting Small Business and Entrepreneurs One Program at a Time.