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Industry Overview

The Scottsdale Airpark is one of the largest employment centers in the state of Arizona. Anchored by the Scottsdale Airport, the Scottsdale Airpark encompasses an 8.6 square mile area with over 2,900 businesses employing more than 51,000 people (current estimates based on data from EMSI and City of Scottsdale). The airpark houses some of the most prestigious company headquarters in the western United States, including GoDaddy, AXON (Taser), JDA Software, Nautilus Insurance, Quicken Loans, CVS Caremark and Vanguard.

The Airpark combines a combination of a skilled workforce, transportation options and an extensive infrastructure of over 2 million square feet of commercial space. Its location at the corner of the east-west and north-south branches of the Loop 101 Freeway allows strategic access to one of the most educated and qualified workforces in Arizona.

A revised Airpark planning regulations (Planned Airpark Core Development) provides new opportunities for building height and FAR which will allow more flexibility as Airpark development continues in the future.

Airpark Fast Facts

  • 8.6 square mile area and more than 30 million SF of commercial space
  • Per capita average incomes in the Airpark are over $61,000
  • Strategic freeway access, providing direct routes to workforce in east and west valley
  • Planned airpark core development provides opportunities for increased building height and density
  • Scottsdale Airpark major employment sectors:
    • Retail (13.3%)
    • Healthcare (10.2%)
    • Professional, scientific and technical services (6.8%)
  • Generates about $3 billion per year in economic spin-off activity
  • Offers U.S. Customs and Immigration Service 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week
  • New terminal and hanger projects are currently under construction due to increased demand to the airport
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  • Average Household Income: $111,658
  • Median Age: 43.2
  • Population: 60,022
  • Businesses: 7,794 (99,253 employees)
  • SPI >150: apparel, events, travel, child care

Source: ESRI BAO June 2017