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Downtown Scottsdale provides a mix of specialty retail, art galleries, dining, legendary nightlife, public art and cultural attractions. Downtown is more than a tourism destination, it’s also the city’s second largest employment center with innovative and thriving technology and healthcare companies such as Yelp, Square, ZocDoc, Digital Air Strike, Zivelo, Clearlink, Zillow Offers, Anomalie, and Indeed. Within downtown there is a zoning overlay which allows increased density to encourage urban design elements which accommodate additional housing units in mixed-use developments to stimulate a sustainable live/work lifestyle.

Downtown Fast Facts

  • In total, Downtown Scottsdale’s annual sales including restaurant and miscellaneous retail annual sales totaled $266 million in 2016
  • 88% of overnight visitors to Scottsdale report visiting downtown
  • In under three years (2010-2013), over $400 million of private investment has been underway involving residential, retail, hotel and office development
  • 875 new multi-family residential units have been recently completed or are in final planning
  • Median sale prices of residential real estate in the downtown zip code of 85251 has recently appreciated at a rate approximately double of that of the city as a whole
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  • Average Household Income: $77,866
  • Median Age: 40.9
  • Population: 106,008
  • Businesses: 7,143 (116,400 employees)
  • SPI >150: computers, video games, apparel

Source: ESRI BAO June 2017

Downtown Scottsdale Spotlight

The Downtown Scottsdale Spotlight video series features Downtown Scottsdale business and was created to bring more value and awareness of local small businesses in the community in 90 second video promotions. Watch the videos in this new video series on our YouTube channel.