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Introduction to the DEI Toolkit

The Scottsdale business community plays an important role in advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in our region of Arizona. Diverse businesses help build a strong local economy and inclusive workplaces help businesses attract and retain top talent. Implementing impactful DEI strategies isn't always easy - our goal is to connect you with resources to support your DEI business journey and help all businesses prosper in Scottsdale.

The DEI Toolkit for Business is intended to provide Scottsdale businesses with accessible resources to strengthen your DEI approach and overall business outcomes. The toolkit includes nine topic areas with best practices to support you along the entire spectrum of DEI work. It's been developed to serve businesses at different stages of their DEI journey, addressing a broad range of business DEI needs.

Keep in mind that the nine topic areas are not meant to be tackled all at once. We recommend starting with one topic area and integrating it into your business. Then, return as needed to find new resources to support your DEI business journey.

Visit the City of Scottsdale Diversity page to stay updated and connected to events and diversity and inclusion-enhancing activities.

Learning Path

The Business Case for DEI

DEI has become a critical component of business success. While these concepts are often rightfully viewed through the lens of social justice and morality, there is also a compelling business case for promoting diversity and creating a culture of inclusion in the workplace. From attracting top talent to fostering a more creative workplace and better problem-solving, the benefits of DEI in business have become increasingly clear. That said, there is also a clear need for business owners to understand the benefits of DEI better.

This topic area includes resources to help Scottsdale businesses realize how DEI can impact their business outcomes and effectively communicate the importance of and benefits associated with their DEI business practices with customers.

What Is DEI and How Can It Benefit Your Small Business?
America's SBDC

What DEI is and how it can help small businesses succeed.

Business Case for Investing in Diversity

A pitch deck that connects diversity to five key drivers of financial performance.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) across the consumer value chain

A comprehensive evaluation of DEI opportunities and challenges across the full consumer value chain.

15 Key Benefits Of DEI To Communicate With Team Members

Members of Forbes Human Resources Council share 15 benefits of diversity, equity and inclusion that are crucial for any business.

The Business Case For Diversity, Equity And Inclusion

Forbes Business Development Council members share why diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential to business development and success.

The Business Impact Of Diversity, Equity And Inclusion

Key principles to amplify DEI impact on business outcomes and performance.

Diversity Wins: How Inclusion Matters
McKinsey & Company

A McKinsey publication investigating the robust business case for diversity.

The rise of the inclusive consumer
McKinsey & Company

How social values are shaping purchase decisions, brand loyalty, and influencing spending.

How diversity makes teams more innovative
TED Talk

How your company can start producing fresher, more creative ideas by treating diversity as a competitive advantage.

The Business Case for Diversity & Innovation Through Strategic Supplier Inclusion

A white paper explaining the monetary and community benefits of DEI and supplier diversity programs.

A Business Guide to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
U.S. Chamber of Commerce

How diversity, equity, and inclusion can benefit businesses and communities across America, as well as ways to increase DEI at your company.

6 Small Business Owners on Making Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Part of Their Business Plan
U.S. Chamber of Commerce

How six small business owners are cultivating or enhancing their efforts by facilitating open and honest communication, rethinking recruitment, developing partnerships and implementing anti-bias training programs.

Start Your DEI Journey

Scottsdale businesses are at different points on their DEI journey. Some businesses are well on their way while others have yet to establish goals or objectives related to DEI business planning. This topic area includes resources to help Scottsdale businesses develop an effective DEI strategy, as well as tools to develop DEI goals and objectives that support the overall business strategy.

This topic area includes resources to help your business financially support DEI strategies.

DEI Checklist
Berkeley Haas School of Business

Identify gaps and inform action when coming up with your own customized DEI plan.

How to Launch Your DEI Program

A step-by-step guide to get started with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

11 ways to bring your DEI strategy to life
Culture Amp

An eBook to help your business develop and implement a DEI strategy.

Six ways to activate D&I in a small team or business
D&I Leaders

Ways small businesses can make impactful change without breaking the bank.

The comprehensive DEI playbook
First Up

7 “plays” to launch your culture of inclusion

Seven Tips For Building An Effective DEI Strategy

Tactics to develop a DEI strategy that is specific, comprehensive and measurable.

What Is A Diversity Council And How Do You Make It A Success?

Information, key questions, and best practices for creating DEI-focused groups within your business.

3 Steps to Sustainable Diversity and Inclusion Strategies

Tools for creating a DEI strategy that is measurable and supported by the entire organization.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for Businesses
Great Phoenix Chamber

A guide to help your company begin its DEI journey

Getting Started on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEIB) Strategy: A Guide for SMBs
Great Place to Work

Four key steps to help your business build a strong and effective DEIB plan.

4 Ways To Make Space For Underrepresented Groups As A Solopreneur
Her Agenda

How you business owners without employees can support DEI.

How to create a DEI strategy: A practical guide for small businesses

7 diversity initiatives to include in your strategy and DEI resources for small businesses.

How to Transform Your Company with a DEI Strategy
Insight Global

Tips for developing a DEI strategy for your business.

Developing a DEI Committee: How to Build Your Team

Insights that can help your business develop a dedicated DEI committee that can drive and assist DEI initiatives across your organization.

The Essential Guide to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

A comprehensive guide for developing a DEI program and making visible progress across your business.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Playbook
LifeLabs Learning

A guide to help people leaders take action and create a more comprehensive DEI strategy in the areas of institutional work, interpersonal work, individual work.

How to Secure and Expand Your DEI Budget

Recommendations to earn more DEI budget and ensure your program remains well-funded.

It's (past) time to get strategic about DEI
McKinsey & Company

Five critical steps for setting and achieving successful DEI strategies.

Guide to Developing a Strategic Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Plan

A comprehensive guide to developing a DEI management plan.

How to get serious about diversity and inclusion in the workplace
TED Talk

Inclusion advocate Janet Stovall shares a three-part action plan for creating workplaces where people feel safe and can be their unassimilated, authentic selves.

How Small Businesses Can Collect and Use DEI Data to Boost Growth
The Diversity Movement

Attract talented staff and create high-performing teams with targeted strategy.

The DEI For Startups Playbook
The Diversity Movement

Strategies for integrating DEI into the fabric of your company from the start.

How to further DEI efforts with limited funding
The Predictive Index

Cost-effective ways to take action on DEI

Diversity & Inclusion Initiative: Step-by-Step

A Guide to Achieving Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace

DEI In Marketing and Branding

Inclusive marketing requires integrating DEI into brand strategy and messaging. It's an approach to marketing that strengthens brand authenticity and trust, the loyalty of employees and customers, and the ability to reach new audiences. Inclusive marketing also includes translating DEI commitments into meaningful actions. Doing so deepens connections with customers, builds feelings of belonging, and can even influence positive social change.

This topic are includes resources to help Scottsdale businesses build DEI into their marketing and branding efforts - something that even the smallest of businesses can achieve.

Inclusive Language Guidelines
American Psychological Association (APA)

Standards for culturally sensitive terms and phrases with explanations of problematic language and suggested replacements.

Comprehensive Website Testing Tool
Accessibility Test

Test the accessibility of your website with this free accessibility testing tool.

The Accessible Social Checklist
Accessible Social

A checklist for accessible best practices in your social media strategy.

Diversity and Content Marketing
Content Marketing Institute

How brands can develop more inclusive content marketing strategies.

Data Shows Consumers Want Diversity In Marketing—Why Many Brands Struggle To Get It Right And How To Fix

Tips to improve cultural intelligence and authentic inclusion in marketing and branding.

Make An Impact, Your Guide To Inclusive Marketing

Five ideas to help you become more inclusive in your marketing work.

Making The Case For Diversity In Marketing And PR

Steps your business can take to ensure it avoids insensitive campaigns, while also boosting your brand appeal through diversity and inclusion.

Inclusive Marketing Resources

How to incorporate inclusivity into your marketing, hiring, and company culture.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in Marketing
Influencer Marketing Hub

Information and tips to help your business change the way it markets to customers.

Inclusive Language for Marketers Pocket Guide
Linked In

Resources to help you incorporate diversity and inclusion into your brand identity and messaging.

Diversity in Advertising - A Guide to Inclusion
Maryville University

Tips, examples and resources for driving DEI through marketing and advertising.

The DEI Marketing Playbook
Rae Mackenzie Group

Free action guide to learn more about how to incorporate DEI into your marketing and communications strategies.

The 6 Essential Principles of Inclusive Marketing Every Marketer Should Know

Six inclusive marketing principles to create a culture of equality.

Best Practices Guide to Inclusive Marketing
The Diversity Movement

A guide to learn the business case for inclusive marketing and how to get started with best practices.

How to Align Social Equity in your Brand Messaging?

Actionable steps to align social equity in your brand messaging across all platforms.

Inclusive Marketing—Tips to Make Diversity & Inclusion the Core of your Marketing Strategy

4 Key tips for getting inclusive marketing right.

Recruiting and Retaining Diverse Talent

Recruiting and retaining diverse talent is of key importance for modern business. However, it requires more intentional policies and a cultural environment that makes everyone feel like they can bring their whole self to work every day, fully contributing to business success.

This topic area includes resources on topics such as inclusive job postings, hiring practices, and creating an inclusive culture. This topic area also includes resources for mentorship programs and cross-cultural communication, both identified as key to retaining diverse talent, as well as resources for supporting Employee Resources Groups (ERGs) in businesses of all sizes.

The definitive guide to disability inclusion in the workplace

An online experience that provides everything you need to know for improving disability inclusion.

Employee Resource Groups - A Strategic Business Resource for Today's Workplace
Boston College

Comprehensive information about the benefits and types of ERGs and how to move forward with them in your workplace.

Mentoring at Work
Center for Creative Leadership

How (and why) to implement a mentoring program in your workplace.

13 Ways To Seek Out More Diverse Candidates For Critical Positions

13 members of Forbes Coaches Council share their best advice on how to effectively seek out more diverse candidates to fill critical roles.

Here's What Hiring Managers Should Be Analyzing On Every Job Candidate's Application (And Why)

15 suggestions from members of Forbes Human Resources Council on what every leader should look for in an applicant's submission and why.

Improve Workplace Culture With A Strong Mentoring Program

Keys for a successful mentoring program in your workplace.

3 strategies managers need to know to keep diverse talent from walking out the door

An explanation of 3 focus areas to help managers retain diverse talent.

The Ultimate Guide to Cross-Cultural Communication at Work

Examples and best practices to improve communication and collaboration in a diverse workplace.

Job Accommodation Network
Job Accommodation Network

A free, comprehensive online resource for employers seeking to move beyond basic compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in order to create more disability-inclusive workplaces.

Diversity Hiring: Critical to Your Long-Term Success

Why diversity hiring is so important and tips to achieve diversity hiring goals.

4 Things Every Company Should Do to Retain Underrepresented Talent
Linked In

Four things every business should do to retain talent from underrepresented groups.

Effective employee resource groups are key to inclusion at work
McKinsey & Company

How to effectively implement Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) in your business.

Workplace Mentoring Supplement

How-to guide of best practices for workplace mentoring programs.

How to Improve Cross-Cultural Communication in the Workplace
Northeastern University

Why cross-cultural communication is important in the workplace, and steps you to overcome cultural barriers and improve communication.

Diversity hiring 101
Recruit CRM

A guide on diversity hiring practices and how to mitigate common challenges it brings.

12 ways to improve your diversity recruiting strategy

deTactics to develop a strategy for recruiting a diverse

Onramps Guide
Second Chance Business Coalition

Starting points and pathways to build second chance employment into your hiring talent strategy.

5 Steps to Improve Diversity Recruiting

Tactics to help overcome bias and increase equal opportunity at each stage of the hiring process.

7 Practical Ways to Reduce Bias in Your Hiring Process

How HR and management can help recognize and reduce bias in the hiring process.

27 Employee Resource Groups Best Practices

A comprehensive guide with recommendations for starting and sustaining employee resource groups.

DEIB Resource Library
The Panther Group

Resources to help you develop and promote Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging within your organization and its recruitment process.

4 Visa Programs That Can Help Employers Solve Their Workforce Needs
US Chamber of Commerce

Information about four nonimmigrants visa programs that can help businesses meet their workforce needs.

Mentoring in the Workplace
Women's Empowerment Principles

Comprehensive guidance outlining how to develop, implement and sustain a workplace mentoring program.

Supplier Diversity

Supplier diversity is the strategic variation of a company's vendors to include more historically underrepresented groups. US-based businesses that are at least 51% owned and operated by racial or ethnic minorities, women, veterans, persons identifying as LGBTQ, or persons with a disability qualify as diverse suppliers. Putting a diverse supplier program in place enables diverse businesses to gain a more equal share in the market, and it can be as simple or as complex as a business decides - making it accessible for businesses of all sizes.

This DEI topic area includes resources to help Scottsdale businesses begin and implement a supplier diversity program. Additionally, this DEI topic area includes resources to help underrepresented businesses become certified as a diverse business so they can gain market exposure and more easily work with other organizations looking to diversify their supply chain.

10 Best Practices For Supplier Diversity Initiatives
Diversity Plus

Recommendations from the National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) and Diversity Training Group to streamline the process of contracting to underrepresented suppliers.

Why You Need a Supplier-Diversity Program
Harvard Business Review

The socioeconomic benefits of supplier diversity programs and examples of model programs.

Developing a Capability Statement: A Must-Have Tool for Diverse Suppliers
Hire Ground

How to develop a strong capability statement so you can win contracts with large corporations.

The Power of Certifications for Diverse Suppliers
Hire Ground

deResources for becoming certified as a diverse supplier and tips for making the most out of your diverse supplier

Easy Strategies to Start Reporting and Increasing Supplier Diversity Spend

Tips to make starting and implementing a supplier diversity program less daunting.

Expand diversity among your suppliers—and add value to your organization
McKinsey & Company

How business can unlock more value in their supplier diversity programs by promoting diversity across the business ecosystem.

How to Become Certified as a Diverse Supplier

A self-paced online course to help you Identify eligibility and other criteria for various supplier diversity certification programs.

Five Steps To Defining Your Supplier Diversity Program
Supplier Gateway

Tips for how to define your program's scope and identify key responsible players.

How To Develop Your Company's Supplier Diversity Policy In Four Steps
Supplier Gateway

Four actionable steps to guide you through the process of developing your company's supplier diversity policy.

How to build a supplier diversity program that will drive long-term impact
Supply Chain Quarterly

5 best practices to help your supplier diversity program demonstrate long-term value for your business.

Supplier Diversity: What it is and Why it Matters for Your Business
The Diversity Moment

How supplier diversity programs can boost business success.

3 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Supplier Diversity Program

Why supplier diversity programs are important for all businesses.

Global Supplier Diversity & Inclusion Checklist
WeConnect International

A 6-minute questionnaire to help your business improve its supplier diversity and inclusion program.

DEI Alliances and Partnerships

Many of our Scottsdale businesses already have strong involvement in community engagement activities. However, businesses aren't always as sure how to use strategic alliances and partnerships to strengthen DEI.

This topic area includes resources on best practices for creating, developing, and sustaining mutually beneficial partnerships with external entities to advance DEI. Tools to help with relationship building, alignment of core values, and shared accountability are provided. This topic area also includes information for regional and national organizations and events to help businesses build or strengthen their DEI partnerships.

How to Build Partnerships With Community Organizations
Advanced Business Abilities

Tips for how to develop partnerships with community organizations to help your business grow and support community needs.

Building an Allyship Program: How to Engage Allies in DEI Efforts

Strategies for building an allyship program and engaging allies in DEI efforts.

Arizona Diversity Council

A variety of events and programs for diversity best practices and leadership development in the Arizona region.

Form Partnerships to Advance Diversity and Inclusion in Your Industry

Tips to help your business form strategic partnerships with other organizations promoting DEI.

Partnership Opportunities
Diversity Leadership Alliance

Phoenix-based opportunities to enhance professional development, understanding, promotion, and management of diversity as an essential part of business success.

Strategic Relationships Can Be Key To Successful DEI Initiatives

Steps to help your business develop strategic partnerships to advance DEI.

The Importance Of Building Community Partnerships And Support Through Philanthropic Work In Business

How corporate philanthropy can help your business add value to the communities it serves.

DEI Quarterly Forum
Great Phoenix Chamber

A quarterly, virtual DEI forum for businesses in the greater Pheonix area, focusing on emerging topics and issues.

When is engaging external DEI partners effective, and when isn't it?

Tips from DEI business experts for how to tap external DEI resources to accelerate your overall business impact.

How Partnerships Can Advance Innovative Approaches to DEI
SOCAP Global

How Philanthropy and Social Capital Help Bring New Voices to the Table

Don't go it alone: The Importance of Partnerships in Diversity & Inclusion
Tech Inclusion

How to find values alignment and build an open partnership to support your DEI efforts.

Partnership Program
The Diversity Movement

Learn more about expanding your business through partnering with The Diversity Movement.

Stronger Together: How To Build Allies in the Workplace
Training Industry

How to develop a culture of allyship and significantly improve DEI in your organization.

DEI Partnerships and Community Engagement

Guidance for developing ethical partnerships and navigating disagreements or challenges without backtracking on your DEI values.

DEI Measurement and Accountability

Transparency is crucial to DEI success and the DEI business journey requires acknowledgement of shortcomings and opportunities for improvement, as well as celebrating achievements. Monitoring DEI progress through regular assessments is key to success and continued progress.

This topic area includes information and resources to help businesses measure and track their DEI work. Additionally, this DEI topic area includes resources for businesses to demonstrate accountability and communicate their progress. This topic area also includes resources to help Scottsdale businesses become designated as inclusive places to work and do business.

Inclusive Workplace Recognition Program
Best Companies Group

Using an employee survey focused on inclusivity and belonging at work, this program offers free recognition as an inclusive workplace on a one-year basis.

How to Create Transparency in DEI Measurement

Why transparency in DEI measurement is essential and action items to help businesses be transparent through information disclosure.

9 metrics to help you understand (and prioritize) DEI
Culture Amp

KPIs (key performance indicators) to consider if your organization is making meaningful DEI progress.

Diversity Equity Inclusion Workplace Certification
Diversity for Social Impact

A certification to demonstrate your business commitment to DEI.

7 Metrics to Measure Your Organization's DEI Progress
Harvard Business Review

Seven key metrics that span the entire employee life cycle: attrition, performance, promotions, leadership pipeline, employment pipeline, pay equity, inclusion.

DEI Initiatives Are Futile Without Accountability
Harvard Business Review

A three-part framework for driving better accountability around DEI.

The DEI Bubble - Overcoming Performative Initiatives for Authentic Change
Honest Culture

Tips for taking an authentic approach to DEI.

How to Authentically Champion Inclusion & Belonging in Your Workplace
Inclusion Hub

Ways to authentically approach DEI and demonstrate accountability.

A DEI audit is an opportunity to build community
LifeLabs Learning

An auditing template that breaks down systems and culture into 5 main pillars that work across every domain of your team.

Measuring Progress
Project Include

How to use metrics to drive DEI priorities and accountability.

What Are DEI Metrics? A Look Beyond the Numbers
Rasmussen University

How DEI metrics can influence change and increase effectiveness.

How to Create Greater DEI Accountability
Risk Management

Six ways to demonstrate DEI accountability.

9 Ways to Measure the Success of Your DEI Strategy in 2023
Senior Executive

Insight from DEI professionals on what you should be measuring and why.

How Small Businesses Can Collect and Use DEI Data to Boost Growth
The Diversity Moment

Attract Talented Staff and Create High-Performing Teams with Targeted Strategy

Ethical Marketing Pledge
The Ethical Move

A pledge and a badge that businesses can obtain and display to demonstrate marketing that is transparent, responsible, and honest.

Tools for Underrepresented Businesses

One of our goals at the City of Scottsdale is to build equity in our community and better support Scottsdale's underrepresented business owners.

This topic area includes a combination of resources available at the national level, as well as resources available locally within the City of Scottsdale and across the state of Arizona more broadly, to help underrepresented business prosper in our region. This topic area also includes tools from organizations that help develop underrepresented businesses.

Loans and Grants for Native American Small Business Owners

Detailed list of various resources and programs available for Native American entrepreneurs.

Arab American Business Council

Supporting Arab American women looking to achieve business success, helping to create representation at every level in every industry.

Arizona Asian Chamber of Commerce

Supporting the success of Asian Pacific American businesses in Arizona and helping to foster an environment where diversity is celebrated and leveraged to create lasting prosperity.

Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Support for Hispanic business owners to facilitate business relationships, economic development, and knowledge sharing.

Black Chamber of Arizona

Tools and education to create more "bankable" businesses, by removing barriers that impede access to capital, and by partnering with leading educational institutions to help create competitive business advantages through workforce diversity.

Resources for Business Owners With Disabilities

Tools for people with disabilities to create a business plan, qualify for grants and loans, and complete business training online.

How to Sell to Large and Enterprise Businesses Using This Step-by-Step Process
Hire Ground

Strategies for navigating the complex procurement process and building relationships with decision-makers in large organizations so you can win diverse supplier contracts.

Impact AZ

A program to prepare small business owners to win contracts with corporations and government agencies.

Millionaire Mastermind Academy

A nonprofit organization dedicated to educating and supporting the growth of women-owned businesses who have been systematically underserved and excluded.

Business Growth Opportunities for Diverse Suppliers

A self-paced online course to help you Identify growth opportunities for diverse suppliers and maximize the value of your certification.

The Hispanic Entrepreneurs Hub

Resources for Hispanic Entrepreneurs in the greater Pheonix area.

Understanding Minority Business Enterprise and Disadvantaged Business Certifications

A self-paced online course to help you start your journey as a diverse supplier eligible for procurement plans for government, not-for-profits and the private industry.

Women In Business - An Entrepreneurial Exchange

A monthly series where new and established female entrepreneurs in the greater Pheonix area unite with seasoned SCORE mentors to ignite ideas and share wisdom.

The National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development

Nonprofit organization assisting American Indian Tribes and tribal people with business and economic development.

Diverse and minority owned small business support

Helpful information to make your company available to corporate buyers looking for diverse suppliers.

Veterans Chamber of Commerce

Helping Veterans succeed through business, jobs, wellness, technical training, family support and community.

Training and Education

Training and educational opportunities to help businesses learn more about DEI topics has been identified as a key area of interest among Scottsdale businesses.

This topic area includes a combination of free and affordable educational opportunities for business. Additionally, this topic area directs you to resources from local and regional organizations offering in-person and virtual DEI-related training, learning and networking events to help you on your DEI learning journey.

What is DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion)?

A free webinar highlighting best practices for DEI and how they can benefit your organization internally and externally.

Free Webinars Live and On-Demand

Thought-provoking free webinars on cutting-edge DEI topics.

Collection of talks and videos on Diversity
Bright Talk

Webinars held by diversity experts on how to foster DEI with strategies for talent acquisition, recruitment, and creating a diverse culture.

Empathy & Inclusion in the Workplace - Imperatives for Your Diversity Initiatives
Center for Creative Leadership

A 1-hour webinar providing examples of practical and immediately applicable acts of building equity and inclusion at work.

CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion Resources
CEO Action

Public Diversity, Equity & Inclusion resources housed in one location to help organizations advance their internal DEI strategy.

Live & On-Demand Webinars

Opportunities to attend live webinars with industry experts on emerging talent topics, including those related DEI strategies.

On-Demand Training Videos
D&I Leaders

Create a free account to access over 80 webinar recordings on DEI topics.

DEI Learning Series
Institute for Sustainable Diversity & Inclusion

An annual diversity learning series that helps people learn how to build their daily practice of equity and inclusion (paid content)

Free DEI Webinars
Institute for Sustainable Diversity & Inclusion

A free DEI learning series including live events and on-demand webinars.

DEI Webinar Series

Multiple YouTube videos on DEI related topics and issues.

DEI Webinar Series
Open Sesame

Recordings from the DEI Webinar Series with Liza Wisner, Senior DEI Curation Specialist.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Webinar Series
comOrion Talentany

Learn from leading experts as they address hot topics, challenges and best practices across all aspects of DEI within their organizations.

DEI Events and Webinars

A library of free on-demand webinars related to DEI and opportunities to attend free live webinars.

The Diversity Moment

Watch DEI webinars on demand to gain insights, tools, and perspectives from our community of experts, practitioners, and educators (paid content)

Webinar Series
The Forum on Workplace Inclusion

Free monthly webinars offering professional and organizational skill-building opportunities in diversity, equity, and inclusion topics.