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Scottsdale software company Axosoft turns the interview process on its head - tells engineers to come and interview the company

Axosoft, software company

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Nov. 5, 2015 - Axosoft, the agile project management software company is turning the tables on the interview process: they are inviting job seekers (Developers) to come in and ask the tough questions, putting Axosoft in the hot seat. With developers leaving Arizona at breakneck speed, Axosoft has come up with a cool, new strategy for hiring and retaining tech talent in Arizona; let them do them interviewing.

Instead of sending your resumé into the ether, hoping that it won’t die in a pile of other optimistic resumés, or worse, get spit out of the system because you didn’t use the right words, Axosoft is resolving to make this process painless and, yes, fun.

Here’s how it works: Devs go to the tables have turned and register to interview Axosoft. Then, on Nov. 24, they show up, ask the hard questions (you like Super Smash Brothers? What languages do you code in? What problems do you love solving?), eat some snacks, meet the CEO, and see if there’s a future for the two of you!

As well as hiring awesome developers, Axosoft’s aim is to keep local talent and contribute to the growth of Arizona’s booming tech ecosystem. Buy local products…employ local talent!

Date:    Tuesday, November 24th 
Time:   9:00am -­‐ 4:00pm  
Axosoft, Scottsdale


Media Contact:

Lauren Hodgson
Recruiting Manager



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