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Scottsdale City Council adopts new temporary sign ordinance

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz - The City of Scottsdale Planning Department has been working with the business community, stakeholders and Scottsdale residents for the last year to update the City’s temporary sign ordinance requirements. On May 23 Scottsdale City Council adopted the new temporary sign ordinance (Case No. 2-TA-2016) created with the goal to:

  1. Establish a more contemporary and user-friendly temporary sign ordinance that is easier to understand
  2. Regulate temporary signs based on zoning, time, place and manner
  3. Adopt new temporary sign requirements for residential and commercial zoning districts

The update includes the following:

  • Allows businesses in commercial zoning districts to display on-site portable signs (such as A-frame signs) to advertise within a commercial development, so as long as the portable signs are not visible from the street
  • Allows residential properties to display an on-site portable sign, on private property, with placement and time restrictions
  • Allows businesses in commercial zoning districts to display an on-site banner on their storefront, for up to 35 consecutive days, once per calendar year
  • Updates off-site temporary traffic directional sign requirements for residential districts, to allow residential lots the ability to display off-site signs to direct traffic to a residential activity (such as open houses, yard sales and estate sales), with placement and time restrictions
  • Updates temporary window sign requirements for businesses that wish to advertise on their storefront window panes

Learn more about the recent update to the temporary sign ordinance, including the approved ordinance text and City Council Staff Report.

The City is also preparing to update the City’s permanent sign ordinance (Case No. 1-TA-2017) which includes the proposed permanent sign ordinance text and City Council Staff Report. Scottsdale City Council is scheduled to hear and possibly adopt the proposed permanent sign ordinance at the July 5, City Council meeting.


About the City of Scottsdale

Scottsdale is one of the state’s leading job centers, with a diverse economy built on medical research, high-tech innovation, tourism and corporate headquarters. Scottsdale is home to nearly 18,000 businesses supplying over 150,000 jobs. The high-tech innovation center SkySong, located just a few miles from Downtown, is designed to help companies grow through a unique partnership with nearby Arizona State University. The Scottsdale Cure Corridor is a partnership of premier health care providers and biomedical companies seeking to advance medicine and patient care through cutting-edge research. For more information, visit




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