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Businesses Weigh in on Scottsdale Being Ranked Best City for Jobs


The On-Demand Staffing App Brings More Economic Opportunity to the Area and Opens Its Second U.S. Headquarters in Scottsdale

Instawork, the leading on-demand staffing app for gig workers and hospitality businesses, announced today its expansion across the Greater Phoenix area to help create economic opportunity for local workers and hospitality businesses. The gig marketplace enables local residents to find high paying work fast and helps businesses find quality workers. As part of this expansion, Instawork is also announcing Scottsdale as it second U.S. headquarters.

Over the past several months, Instawork has announced a $10 million funding round and this marks the company’s first market expansion outside of California.

The Greater Phoenix area was the logical next market for Instawork’s expansion due to extremely high demand from thousands of local professionals and businesses requesting the marketplace. In addition, Greater Phoenix represents 73 percent of the state’s economy and the hospitality and tourism industry supports nearly 130,000 jobs. Phoenix also ranks amongst the top 15 gig economies in the nation, with local gig workers collectively making more than $3.2B in 2017.

"Greater Phoenix has one of the most vibrant tourism and hospitality industries in the nation as well as the third largest labor pool in the West," said Sumir Meghani, Co-Founder and CEO of Instawork. "Greater Phoenix is projected to have 10 percent employment growth over the next decade and we want to be a part of that. We are excited to open our second U.S. headquarters in Scottsdale."

"Scottsdale was ranked the number one city in the U.S. for jobs in 2019 and we are elated to welcome Instawork to a thriving business community for their second headquarters," said Mayor W.J. "Jim" Lane. "We look forward to their continued growth in our region and economic impact they will have on providing job opportunities for the hospitality industry."

The top reasons Professionals come to Instawork are the flexibility around where and when they want to work, higher pay, and substantial shifts. In fact, over 50% of Professionals are referred by friends and family, and on average, Greater Phoenix area Professionals make nearly $110 a shift. The top reasons Partners come to Instawork are to find great talent quickly, and to create, manage, and schedule a flexible workforce at the touch of a button. Instawork Partners receive immediate feedback on their gigs with 97% matched with qualified Professionals within 24 hours. Instawork is very easy to use and Professionals and Partners can set up a free account in minutes.

"Instawork has been a valuable partner for us through our busy season helping fill holes due to scheduling conflicts and illness," said Mike Siggins, owner of Pasta Brioni and Instawork’s Founding Partner in Greater Phoenix. "They have a fantastic model that helps ensure quality that you might not always find in temporary help. Couple that with a lower cost than traditional competitors and a sleek, web based platform, and you’ve got the makings of a nationwide staffing platform that has broken all the traditional models."

Instawork, available on Android and iOS in English and Spanish, is currently focused on serving the needs of the hospitality industry, connecting thousands of Instawork Professionals and business Partners every day. On Instawork, businesses can book staff via the mobile app or desktop by selecting from a roster of prequalified, on- demand professionals. The app encourages both Professionals and Partners to rate each other on five-star scale after a gig to help match similar gigs in the future with those who are best qualified. The convenient mobile marketplace also provides real-time location tracking before the gig begins. Partners also have the ability to request the most qualified staff to come back to future gigs.

Those interested in learning more about Instawork and becoming an Instawork Professional or Partner should visit or download the free apps.

About Instawork:

Instawork is the the on-demand staffing app for gig workers and hospitality businesses available on Android and iOS in English and Spanish. Thousands of professionals and partners use Instawork every day across the Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Chicago areas. Instawork is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and Bangalore, India. Instawork is a privately held company with the backing of prominent investors including Benchmark, Spark Capital, GV, Burst Capital, Y Combinator, Tuesday Capital, SV Angel, and Liquid 2 Ventures. For additional information and company images visit: