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Acronis SCS: A New Company Solely Dedicated to Securing the U.S. Public Sector


American-based Acronis SCS, announces entry into market with proven cyber protection and edge data security technology designed specifically for the needs of government and education

Acronis SCS today announced its official launch as an independent American company dedicated to providing secure backup, data protection, and cyber protection services to the U.S. public sector. Acronis SCS brings to market a trusted suite of products that allow agencies to protect sensitive data while supporting legacy systems during the modernization journey. All Acronis SCS products are built and supported in the United States by U.S. citizens, and validated by US-based third-party agencies.

As agencies across the public sector become more reliant on data to achieve mission outcomes, securing and protecting data in transport and at rest has become a top priority. Acronis SCS addresses these concerns by empowering agencies with the autonomy and ease-of-use needed to protect their data locally and at the edge. Acronis SCS has taken major strides to build innovative technologies that work alongside legacy systems during the modernization journey, and securely manage its supply chain to mitigate additional risk.

"It is critical for the public sector and our nation’s military to have real-time, secure access to data outside the data center, at the edge," said John Zanni, CEO, Acronis SCS. "Our trusted solutions do just that for federal agencies – improve cybersecurity posture, ensure data availability, and narrow the gaps that hinder operational assurance."

Acronis SCS is working diligently to achieve the necessary government certifications for its products. Acronis SCS has partnered with Corsec, a consulting firm, to assure its code and processes are auditable and traceable.

"We founded Acronis SCS with a commitment to adhering to the highest standards because we understand that the public sector must trust our products and our company," said Zanni. "With Corsec, we will quickly achieve the certifications necessary to further ensure the trustworthiness of our products. Our work with Corsec demonstrates our diligence in developing and certifying our software."

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About Acronis SCS

Acronis SCS is an American cyber protection and edge data security company dedicated to delivering products designed to meet the unique requirements of the U.S. Public Sector. The company’s innovative backup, anti-ransomware, disaster recovery and enterprise file sync and share products ensure data security across federal, state and local government, education, and non-profit computing environments. Acronis SCS products are built, validated by sophisticated third-party agencies, and supported in the United States by US citizens.

Acronis SCS is led by CEO John Zanni, who has decades of experience leading organizations in software development and sales Prior to leading Acronis SCS, Zanni held roles of President and Chief Marketing Officer for Acronis, Inc., and General Manager of Software and Services for Microsoft. Zanni brings deep knowledge of cloud technology as well as years of expertise in partnership and channel sales to his new role of CEO.