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Choose Scottsdale HUUB

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Choose Scottsdale HUUB

Small businesses contribute greatly to Scottsdale’s economic vitality and make a big impact in our community.

The Choose Scottsdale HUUB platform has been created to support businesses by providing free access to advisors, funding opportunities and other digital learning tools, as well as a place to connect with other small business owners.


  • Helps build competency and competitiveness
  • Promotes business resiliency and accelerated business recovery
  • Provides a space for sharing business resources and information
  • Delivers city sponsored technical assistance
  • Two-year membership to Arizona Small Business Association


  • Learning library of webinars
  • LIVE workshops
  • Upcoming business events calendar
  • Grant & funding opportunities
  • Online business-to-business connection
  • 1:1 Technical Assistance Program