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Local Perspective Map

Want a map that has it all! You’re in luck! The Choose Scottsdale “Local Perspective” map is an interactive map which provides the viewer with an in-depth view of the city in map form. The Local perspective map includes:

  • Top employers
  • Advanced business service companies
  • School locations
  • Hospitality Locations
  • Trolley Routes
  • Biking/walking/equestrian paths
  • Public art locations
  • Fire station locations
  • McDowell mountain preserve hiking trails and trail heads
  • Scottsdale public library locations
  • Tech firms
  • Finance companies
  • Retail locations
  • City Boundary
  • Bus Stops
  • Downtown parking structure location
  • School district maps
  • Hospital locations
  • Public parks
  • Demographics
Scroll through data categoriesAnimated graphic showing how to select the categories button