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The City of Scottsdale has become a hotbed for startup activity since 2010. According to Hoover’s Inc., from 2010 to 2015 over 13,000 companies generating at least $5 million in annual sales have started operations in Scottsdale. By way of comparison, Scottsdale has produced three times more successful startups than Austin, Texas per capita.

ASU SkySong

The City of Scottsdale, in partnership with Arizona State University created SkySong, the ASU Scottsdale Innovation Center which opened in 2008. SkySong provides startup businesses access to new technologies, capital networks, business education and a skilled workforce.  As 2015, SkySong is nearing full occupancy in all three buildings with more than 1,200 people currently working on the multi-use development.The project is projected to generate almost $10 billion in economic impact over the course of the next 30 years.

As a New American University, Arizona State University is guided by eight design inspirations that influence its growth and transformation. Among these guiding principles are deep commitments to valuing entrepreneurship in all its forms, transforming society by being connected to social needs, and being socially embedded in communities through mutual beneficial partnerships and ASU Startup School advances these three aspirations. 

Startup School is a comprehensive and proven framework for developing ventures and is a series of facilitated workshops wherein entrepreneurs learn what they need to do in order to develop a successful venture. There are three stages where each stage dives deep into the topics that would interest your enterprise and team. You can start at any stage, however it may be beneficial to begin in Stage 1: Getting Started.

For more information on where to register and how to enroll, please click here to get involved in ASU Startup School!

Eureka Logo

Eureka Loft Scottsdale

In addition to what is being offered throughout our community and from our partners, Scottsdale quickly recognizing the need to promote and encourage entrepreneurship. In doing so, the City of Scottsdale and the Scottsdale Public Library have partnered with ASU to create the first collaborative work-space in the Entrepreneurship Outreach Network, a new ASU initiative that brings together inventors, problem solvers, entrepreneurs and small businesses in community libraries across Arizona.

The Eureka Loft Scottsdale  can be used by Innovators and Entrepreneurs needing collaborative space on a daily basis to work on their ideas while also getting mentorship, advice and access to some “pracademic” classes both online and in the library.

For more information regarding Eureka and ways to stay connected, please click here today!

Startup Activity and Featured Firms

Since 2012 more than $250 million has been invested in Scottsdale based companies. Nearly half of all business investment in the state occurs in Scottsdale, which is consistently ranked the No. 1 city in the state for investment activity. DataFox named Scottsdale " One of the top places to launch a startup in the country". The Scottsdale based firms that have received funding over the past several months include:

Gobiquity: A global leader in mobile vision screening technology, received a $6M investment round from venture capital firm InterWest Partners in a first close of its Series B Financing August 2016. 


Centauri Health:  The company provides software for government-sponsored healthcare programs and other applications received $50 million in funding May 2016.

ReplyBuy: Sports and technology company enables professional teams, universities and venues across the country to connect in real time with their fans via mobile to execute a purchase with a text reply raised $2 million in seed funding October 2015.

Pure Chat: A live support and sales software company founded by Hamid Shojaee recently raised $1.5 million in a seed round April 2015 to help small businesses around the world connect with their customers on-the-go. 

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Small Business

Small Business Guide
The City of Scottsdale’s Economic Development Department is poised to meet the needs of the small business community by helping clients understand the entire process from start to finish. This is accomplished through early dialogue and interaction with staff whose main focus is working with new and existing Scottsdale Small Businesses.

As you begin the process of launching your own small business, here are a couple Scottsdale specific resources to help guide you:

Every small business is unique, so it is recommended that you discuss your project with Economic Development first to help navigate you through a number of city processes. There are many advantages to contacting our Small Business professionals in order to ensure your business not only opens, but succeeds and expands in Scottsdale. Some of the advantages include:

  • Single point of contact
  • Tailored project schedule 
  • Expedited timeline of services 
  • Staff resources to achieve continued success

Site SelectorsRent Space Q3 2016

The Economic Development staff is available to assist you in finding the perfect location for your client’s needs or for your own business, from site location assistance, to labor analytics, tax analysis, demographic research and workforce development partnerships and everything in between. Initiate your project with us.

Scottsdale, one of the 10 largest cities in in Arizona, located in the Greater Phoenix area, has some of the best business schools and programs as well as one of the largest community college networks in the nation. It is positioned between two of the country’s biggest economies in California and Texas, yet offers operating costs up to 40 percent less than in California.

  • Low business costs, minimal regulation, low cost of living and unparalleled quality of life set the table for personal and business success
  • Sites for viable, ready-to-build corporate campus options
  • Convenient geographic position within the U.S., an abundance of low-cost labor, an affordable operating environment and minimal regulation
  • Access more than 34 million consumers within a half-day truck haul
  • Numerous airports and sophisticated freeway, rail and light rail systems allow you to move quickly and freely in and out of the region
  • Low catastrophic risk and predictable climate – invaluable for those whose business is data, technology or in-depth research
  • A growing, high-tech region, we offer access to both millions of customers as well as the right kind of talent in a low-cost, low-hassle operating environment
  • Low utility costs, modern infrastructure and more than 156,000 miles of fiber optic network capacity
  • Setting up an LLC can be accomplished in less than a month, expedited plan review and permitting process as well as operational costs approximately 40 percent lower than they are in California
  • The state averages 300 days of clear, blue, sunny skies a year


Did you know that Arizona's export shipments of merchandise in 2012 totaled $18.4 billion? According to, Arizona posted merchandise exports of $6.3 billion to Mexico; Canada ($2.2 billion); China ($1.3 billion), Japan ($920 million); and the United Kingdom ($915 million) in 2012.

Scottsdale, AZ is located in the heart of the fastest growing and most dynamic metropolitan regions in the country with a population of more than 4 million people. According to, the Phoenix-Casa Grande-Tucson corridor has been and is expected to be one of the fastest growing areas in the U.S. in the next decades. Scottsdale’s strategic location offers connectivity to nearly anywhere in the world and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is one of the 10 busiest in the nation for passenger traffic.

Scottsdale Airport is a general aviation reliever facility, home to many of the Valley's corporate aircraft. Located 9 miles north of Scottsdale's downtown area and in close proximity to a wide range of world-class resorts, hotels, restaurants and golf courses, it is an ideal choice for vacationers and business travelers. With an average median temperature of 70 degrees and an average of 360 VFR days a year, Scottsdale provides the country's best year-around flying conditions. Scottsdale Airport is one of the premier business aviation facilities in the state. U.S. Customs “US-VISIT” is available, and allows visitors from all over the world to come to Scottsdale, provided they have the proper visas. Expanded service hours are also now offered daily from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Direct flights to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) are available through Scottsdale AirCenter, one of two fixed base operators at the airport. The Scottsdale Airpark is one of the largest employment centers in Arizona, boasting around 52,000 employees in more than 2,800 businesses (estimate includes Airpark employment within City of Phoenix City limits). In fiscal year 2012/13 alone, 22 companies relocated to Scottsdale and 14 existing companies expanded in the city, creating approximately 1,593 new jobs. Based upon projections from the Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) Scottsdale’s employment is expected to grow from 165,809 jobs in 2010 to approximately 224,475 in 2030 - an increase of 35 percent.

Project Development

When should I share my idea, project, or thoughts on locating in Scottsdale with the Economic Development team? Now is a good time! Initiate a meeting.

Questions we will be asking of your organization include:

  • Can you describe your business operation?
  • What amount and types of jobs will the project create?
  • What is your timeframe?
  • Who are your major customers and competitors, domestic and global?
  • What is the growth potential of your industry over the next five years?
  • Will you be relocating employees? If so, how many?
  • What are your space/real estate requirements (acreage, square footage, floors, utility needs)?
  • What is the demography of your workforce?
  • What markets will you be serving from this new facility?
  • What are the most important location factors that will drive your decision?
  • How important are right-to-work laws for your company?
  • How important is the airport to your overall operations?
  • What are the most important primary, secondary and post-secondary educational resources you need for your workforce and the talent you will hire in the future?
  • What types of housing stock and price ranges are of greatest interest to you, your execs and employees?
  • What is the project’s anticipated capital investment?

There is no need to know the answers to all of these questions before meeting with the Economic Development team. The purpose of this information is for us to help you find where in Scottsdale you best fit and to determine your positive economic impact to the community.

Once you, as an employer, have made the decision to locate in the City of Scottsdale and have signed an acknowledgment of the City’s role in your decision, we will continue to help by perpetuating the good news.

For projects that require rezoning, design or construction at some level, Economic Development can assist alongside Planning and Development departments to insure your project works best for your organization and the Scottsdale community. Don’t like forms? Contact our experts directly.


Employer Visitation Program

Our team conducts visitations and interviews with local businesses to gather industry specific information, inform them about city services, and address their needs. We have tools and resources available to aid in this process. BRE (Business Retention and Expansion) interview results provide tactical and direct assistance to businesses that are expanding, in need of financial or management technical assistance, workforce development, or those who are expanding. To schedule your visitation and discover the various resources available to assist your business, contact Rob Tunis

Employee Orientation Support

One of the challenges facing expanding Scottsdale companies is helping new employees who have been hired or relocated from out of state become more integrated into the community and comfortable in a new desert environment. The Economic Development team can help to support their orientation by providing 'Welcome Bags' with helpful materials as well as informational presentations about living in the desert southwest. Submit a request for employee orientation support today!

Site/Property Location Assistance

Utilizing real estate database searches, combined with city insight regarding zoning, infrastructure, and general plan land use designations, we can assist you in finding the perfect location for your business within the timeframe required.