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Scottsdale, Arizona: A Leading Talent Attraction Community with the Tools to Back it Up.

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While millions of visitors come to Scottsdale to experience the best in art, sports, special events and the natural beauty of the Sonoran Desert, people stay for so much more - and businesses are taking note. The rising millennial workforce is demanding unique environments tailored to active and engaged lifestyles, while corporate climate advantages are steering growing companies to Scottsdale. 

In the last few year’s companies such as Yelp, Weebly, Indeed, JDA Software and GoDaddy have expanded their footprints and embraced Arizona as their corporate location of choice. Scottsdale’s top-performing schools, rich cultural amenities and unique recreational opportunities creatively blend together to inspire a sophisticated lifestyle for families and businesses. Named as a best place to live, work and launch a startup, the City’s progressive leadership has kept taxes low for both families and corporations and is frequently honored as one of the nation’s best run cities.

Companies and their employees are also enjoying a lower cost of living coupled with high quality of life. A professional earning $65,000 in Scottsdale enjoys the same quality of life as one making $100,000 in New York, San Francisco or Washington, DC.

Therefore, it is no wonder that according to Economic Modeling Specialists’ 2017 Talent Attraction Scorecard, Maricopa County, Arizona, is ranked No. 1 of all large counties for attracting and developing talent, with 9 percent growth for persons ages 25+ with an associate’s degree or above. When discussing methodology in ranking communities, the report notes that “Part of the answer lies in the local leadership in these communities. Part of it lies in the quality of life they have fostered.” 

One approach that the City of Scottsdale has taken to assist new and existing companies with talent attraction efforts is This tool, powered by Zoom Prospector, is a website dedicated to providing powerful business information tools for research and market analysis as well as information valuable to prospective workers. “ goes far beyond a simple database of available sites and buildings. The website also provides dynamic mapping capabilities which includes the ability to view geographic layers of local city information such as bike paths, trolley routes, schools, infill incentive districts and downtown public parking structures,” said Scottsdale Economic Development Director Danielle Casey. 

Consider that CBRE Research has ranked the Greater Phoenix Metro as No. 17 out of the top 50 markets for tech talent, with a millennial population increase from 2010 – 2015 of 7.1 percent. The implications are even more focused within the city of Scottsdale, a subset of the Greater Phoenix market, where the computer related workforce has grown 40 percent since 2012 compared to 22 percent in the overall Phoenix Metro and 14 percent nationally. This is why additional efforts such as relocation materials, talent ambassador programs and targeted messaging included in the comprehensive ‘Work Scottsdale’ program located at is successfully complimenting the drive for tech talent. 

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