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Scottsdale Economic Development Department wins large economic development organization of the year.

The City of Scottsdale’s economic development department was named the winner of the highly regarded Arizona Association for Economic Development’s Economic Development Distinguished by Excellence award for large community economic development organization of the year.

The Scottsdale team has dedicated itself to the advancement if economic development initiatives locally and regionallyAll five economic development practitioners sit on the AAED board and are involved in its’ committeesThe Director of Scottsdale Economic Development Department, Danielle Casey, is past president of AAED and also worked to develop the CEcD preparation guide and classes to help aspiring economic developers study for their career-defining exam. The department’s members also represent AAED on a national scale through its partnerships with the Council of Development Finance Agencies, which is comprised of 300 public, private and nonprofit development entities. Scottsdale’s team helped bring the annual CDFA conference to Arizona.

Among the Scottsdale economic development department’s most significant accomplishments was the launch of the Cure Corridor initiative, designed to raise awareness regarding the concentration of healthcare and bio-life sciences in the greater Scottsdale area. 

Joyce Grossman, AAED’s executive director stated, “The Scottsdale economic development team is a key contributor to AAED through board leadership, staff participation and an organizational commitment to AAED,” Ms. Grossman stated.  “The department is also engaged with a number of other community organizations, each effecting and supporting economic development.”

The department was directly involved in securing Scottsdale locations of Weebly, Zenefits and Orion Health in the last year.